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Our expert team comprises custom-vetted professionals who are proven in their respective fields and collaborate symbiotically at Creator Marketing.

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Alex Velazquez
Founder & CEO
Chief Communications Executive
Website Stategy Executive

We help design, build and produce marketing content to get your advertising campaigns performing 2X-10X ROAS.

Digital Advertising

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • TikTok Ads

  • YouTube Ads


  • Product design

  • Funnels & Landing Pages

  • SMS Marketing

  • Email Marketing

Creative Services

  • UI & UX

  • Websites

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding Design

CRM Services

  • Automate System Processes

  • Calendar & Phone Integrations

  • Auto Review Requests

  • Pipeline Organization

  • Centralized Communication

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What others Are Saying

From the beginning to the end of our project, Alex and his team were there every step of the way. They’re supper responsive and knowledgeable. Such an honor to work along side such a great team. I actually got to learn a lot from working with them !
Mariely Gonzalez
September 2021
I've been in the online marketing space for over 8 years and am completely blown away by my experience with Alex. His expertise goes beyond the usual cookie cutter methods and offers streamlined and sustainable solutions that are sure to scale your online business. I highly recommend working with Alex, you won't regret it!
Ashley Cooper
June 2021
Creator Marketing helped me and my team at TILRE Media put together a fantastic ad campaign that drove loads of traffic to our landing page and from there we were able to fill up 500 paid customers for an event in just about a month. Their entire team is comprised of skilled individuals in every field, from great ad management, copywriters, and web development to surveyors. They worked around the clock to ensure we hit our target and deadline and highly recommend them to anyone who knows what they want and has an affective business.
Qasim Al-Ansari
September 2021
There’s nothing to say except Alex killed it for us. With our back up against a wall Alex performed over expectation with a 200%+ return on investment. He’s a staple to our business now
Ryan Ridde
September 2021
Alex and his team were AMAZING!!! In one month, their team helped us sell out a 600+ venue for an event we had been dreaming of. They were in constant communication with our team, their work is incredible- everything from the advertising to the surveys, even email marketing and copywriting- phenomenal! They really all had such care and love for helping us grow and get our name out there and I cannot thank them enough.  For all of our future marketing projects, I can't imagine working with another company.  From the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU!
September 2021
Alex and Imogen at Creator Marketing are the true definitions of professionals. I have worked with a lot of people in marketing over the years, but nothing comes close to Creator Marketing. They understand what true engagement and conversion is and work tirelessly to ensure that we get the result we are looking for. Don't waste time with anyone else. We would not have been able to accomplish what we did in the short amount of time that we did without them!
JB Bolvadin
September 2021
Our Clients

Our clients.

Grant Cardone
Talent X
Punto De Sabeduria
The Entrepreneur