Terms of Purchase and Refund Policy

Creator Marketing, LLC and all subsidiaries or affiliated brands (hereinafter referred to as “Alex Velazquez”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Agency” or “Creator Marketing”) stand behind all of our products and your satisfaction is very important to us. All purchases made from us (including all related website properties, sales over the phone, sales over email, sales over the internet, sales over Zoom or other video calls, sales in-person and live event on-site purchases) are covered by the following policies.


Offers/Coupons cannot be used in conjunction with each other unless otherwise stated. Coupons are only valid during the advertised promotion period. Prices are subject to change without notice. Gift Cards are non-refundable.

No Guarantee of Results.

We don’t guarantee results or offer legal advice. Entrepreneurship involves risk and hard work. Always consult with your professionals. Any testimonials showing our success, our other client’s success or of our students’ success are not to be interpreted as common, typical, or expected. It takes education, drive, testing and hard work to reach your goals.

About Refunds.

Once we have begun service or labor on your project, accounts, orders, ads, videos, images, websites, text-sequences, campaigns, Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat ads, Google Ads, Pinterest ads, X ads, LinkedIn ads, TikTok ads, surveys, copywriting, or marketing strategy or any other service, we do not issue refunds for any reason.

All services are offered at the client’s own risk: no guarantees, no refunds, no exchanges, no credits.

Creator Marketing, or Agency and its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, contractors, agents, officers and directors, etc., cannot and will not be responsible or liable for your monetary investment, loss, loss of sales, loss of income, loss of deals, or loss of time in any way. We believe that we are responsible for the journey and not the destination of your product, program or service; meaning, any outcome that you predicted to have in the future as a result of marketing; such as “online sales”, “offline-sales”, “phone-sales”, “in-person sales” or any other form of profit, we hold no responsibility for you.

With that said, we consider ourselves reputable and reliable when it comes to the journey as we have been able to do it for many other accounts before yours, but Client agrees that we are not experts on your product, program or service or its sales thereof.

We do not know of a single PPC or digital advertisement provider who offers refunds on ads, clicks, budget, etc. Once you have spent money for ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, you will almost certainly never see that money returned again, for any reason, no matter how compelling or justifiable your case may seem. The companies mentioned here are global titans, they and many others like them simply will not be swayed when it comes to refund requests or service issues, including but not limited to loss of investment or loss of business or unexpectedly high charges for click costs and placements.

Our view is that business, advertising and marketing are all ventured as a form of risk and effort, but we believe that with a professional team that has executed these projects for many companies before yours, we assure you that you will be taken care of as a client of ours. Without the promise of gain, you understand that marketing consists of trial and error to win.